Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Catching Up

Wow I had not realized it had been so long since my last post. Today is a big day for our nation. It is the day that we select our new President of the United States. I will respect your rights to make up your own mind on who to select when you head to the polls. All I ask is that you get out and VOTE. If you do not vote then you do not have a voice in how our nation is run.

I will now change the subject. Since my last log we attended parents weekend at The Citadel. It was great seeing JK and meeting up with some of our friends. The rain just added a little changing of plans some what. We sat in the pouring rain while watching the parade. I felt bad for the cadets. Then off to the football game. Not only did we have to deal with rain ( we could not bring our umbrellas into the stadium.) We had to deal with the bad officials. Put it this way the law enforcement had to take them off the field. That is how bad the calls where. The strangest thing I saw was on the other team. A player did something that caused a yellow flag for un-sportsmen like conduct which cost them some yardage. When his coach went to say something to him the player went after his coach. In all of my years of watching sports I have never seen a player go to hit his coach. Lets just say the cadets went wild. The entire stadium was yelling his name after that.

During parents weekend of course we found time to fit in some geocaching before the parade. The park next to campus has some great ones. We could only fit in three finds.

No sooner than we get home we had to go right back to Charleston. JK decided he did not need his appendix ( I do not think I spelled that correctly) anymore. They caught it in time but I think they were running special that day. There were two in front of him and three behind him waiting to have the surgery. He bounced right back had the surgery on Thursday and went back to school Monday. He is young and in shape and that is what made it easier for him.

I need to go now .......

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md said...

I didn't think you were going to use our names in here.