Thursday, February 24, 2011

Once Asked

Several weeks ago I asked how I felt about my son maybe working for HPD or becoming a cop else where. Without hesitation I said "I am ok with it, it cannot be any different from being a military wife, mother and mother in-law." My thought process is that they love this country and what a great honor it is to protect what we believe in. Now I would be lying if I said I do not worry about them. In regards to my son and daughter in-law that our serving our country. I know they are with highly trained soldiers.
This morning I must admit I thought about the question again. The words "Special Report: HPD Officer Shot" first I prayed for our friends who are HPD Officers. (update the Officer is doing fine and is asking if he can go back to work now. He was shot in the arm and hip) The news was showing the ambulance going to Memorial Hermann. The freeways were still a little crowded with people heading downtown to work. As I watched news footage I wondered 1) why didn't they call LifeFlight? 2) why aren't these people moving out of the way? My husband who is now a Lifeflight pilot said think about it this way that if the Officer was in really bad condition they would have been called. So look at it that he is going to be ok. Still watching the news they showed the hospital and it was surrounded with HPD (on motorcycles, on foot, in car and on horse) This reminded me of our military family and we surround each other in good times and and bad times. I feel better now and I will be very proud to wear the name tag saying "Proud Mom of a Soldier and Police Officer"