Saturday, October 4, 2008

Quilt -A- Thon

It is 3:00am and I am taking a little break from the Quilt -A- Thon. We have made 152 pillows so far that are ready to go and have several others in different stages. Some still need to be cut others need to sewn and yet some need stuffing. So far we have had a pretty good turn out they range from Doctors to high school students. Tomorrow on my blog I will include some pictures.

I know that when you are doing a quilt -a- thon you are suppose to stay up the entire time. I am hear to say I could use a nappy nap right now. I have two every long evenings in a row and it is catching up with me. :( I guess I better go back to sewing. Stay tuned to find out how many pillows came from the production line.

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