Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Missing Tominac Fitness Center

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.
-Vince Lombardi

I have to say Vince Lombardi said it best.  I have managed to get out of my exercise route and it is hard going back.  I got on the scale today and about died from a heart attack.  I did not weigh this much when I was pregnant with either one of my boys. (okay I know that was almost 22 years ago).

Before I left Savannah I was in the habit of going to Tominac Fitness Center (gym on Hunter Army Airfield) I had a great trainer plus it was free. :)  After my workout I would then go walk the Savannah Squares with my daughter in-law and grandson.  It really does not feel like you are exercising when you walk in Savannah.  There is so much to see it takes your mind off of the fact that you are working out.  I would always lose track of time and think I was only walking for maybe a hour and the next thing I knew it had been walking for four or five hours.  When I worked downtown it was even better because I always took the stairs in the office building and parking garage. 

I now I live back in Texas not close to a military post so no more free gym for me.  Now my husband keeps reminding me of the lovely gym we have in our subdivision that is included in the HOA fees.  It is nice but I still do not have the free trainer.  Then there is the Biggest Loser game I just purchased last Friday for the XBox 360 Kinect. It is so much easier to come up with excuses not to exercise but reality is I only have 43 days to lose 30lbs. I have to get to my ideal weight before JK's graduation from The Citadel.  Wish me luck... :)

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Beloved's Bride said...

Oh! Those pictures make me homesick!

Good Luck! I am thinking about doing a walking challenge. ;)

Wahoo! Graduation!!! Very exciting. You have two fine boys to be proud of that is for sure.