Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Houston Rodeo Time

It has been a long time since Mike and I have been to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The last time we went the Rodeo was still in the Astrodome and George Strait rode in on his horse. It was kind of sad seeing the Dome looking so empty and in bad shape. Does anyone remember when you had to get up early to be the first one in line to purchase tickets(because you wanted the best seats)? Now you just go online or pull up an app to purchase them.

My Christmas present this year was Chute Seat tickets for the night Sugarland was performing. If you are going to go to the Rodeo that is the way to go. I was two rows up from the actual chute. You can watch the real cowboys in their Wrangler jeans (don't tell Mike I said that) prepare to ride. It brought back memories of when I use to watch my Dad during his Rodeo Clown days.(too young to have seen him bull ride) I am not one of those people who just goes for the music entertainer that is performing that night . I like all the events from the Horse Cutting to the calf scramble. My favorite event is of course the Bull Riding Event. Although it was nice sitting on the dirt with our folding chairs watching Sugarland. (note the guitar pick in the picture above) Kristian Bush threw it out towards some young girls. They missed it and I got it LOL

This year was also special because we were able to take our youngest grandson Tre. ( would have been even better if Aaron was here too). I had so much fun going to Cavender's with Tre getting him ready for the Rodeo ( thought Mike was going to kill me once he saw the bill) Tre was so excited about his John Deer Boots and George Strait hat and of course his Big Texas belt buckle. The first time he walked with his boots on, you would have thought he just got off his horse from a long Texas trail ride. We tried to get a picture of him on the Longhorn but he would have no part of that. ( maybe we can pull that off this summer at my Dad's) He loved looking at all the animals. His favorite was the chickens, gee I wonder why I guess because he is use to them from visiting my Dad who has Tyson chickens.

I will end this post with cowboy Tre singing.


Carmen said...

OH My, He is so adorable!! He has his grandma's cute personality. :)

(Stomp My Foot)I want to go to the Rodeo too.

Jessica said...

Hey Jennifer! I bet you guys are having SO much fun! We have got to meet up soon! : ) I love your blog! It's precious!

Jessica said...

Hey Jennifer! I LOVE your's precious! We have got to meet up soon! Or come and see us anytime! We would love to see you guys! I love the rodeo pictures!