Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Very Early Day

Today started very early for me and I do not even live in Texas right now so I was not catching up on the AG report. :) Sandi (she owns Colonial Quilts) and I had an interview with WJCL Morning Anchor, Jessica Kiss, during Tuesday’s “Good Morning” broadcast. I am attaching the link however I would like to make a disclaimer. It was very early as in 6:00am and I needed some more caffeine. You might ask what would make a person get up 4:00am to be at an interview by 6:00 on TV at that. It would be a three letter word that means a great deal to you. Yes MOM, I am trying my best to keep my promise I made to her last July before she passed away. Here take a look at the interview. I am thinking if I do this next year I am wearing my robe and fuzzy slippers. Just Kiddin"



Anonymous said...

You looked great!
I saw the Interview that morning! It was wonderful. I look foward to seeing your pictures of the event.


Heidi said...

hey neighbor! you did great (-:
you made your mama proud!
keep up with your great work!

MrsMelody said...

This is a wonderful thing you are doing. I lost my Mom to breast cancer 24 years ago in September. I know your Mom would be proud of the comfort you are offering to other patients.

God bless you