Sunday, September 21, 2008

Newbee to Blog

This is my first time to blog. I am beginning to think I need to go to Barnes & Noble Bookstore (one of my favorite hang outs) and purchase a book Blogging for Dummies.

Ok now to just dive in and start. I went on a trip with my husband to FL were I met up with a friend of ours. It was a great week spending time with them. Since I am an empty nester now I found it refreshing to hang out with little people. We spent one day driving around trying to figure out what to do. Let me give you hint it is nice to be in Sandestin FL in September there are no crowds. However there is also not a lot open that was the down side. We did take in the science museum and aquarium.

My friends from TN

During the late afternoon when my husband got off work. He and I would go to the beach. The surf was a little choppy due to Hurricane Ike.

The sky in Sandestin FL during hurricane Ike The double red warning flags

My husband & I at the beach at Sandestin FL while Ike was going by..The surf was a lot higher than it appears in this picture.

I could not believe what a difference a couple hundred miles would make. We are from the Houston area. Just a couple days after these pictures were taken Ike hit Galveston TX. Most of our family was very lucky all they had were trees down on their fences and not on their homes. I did have one cousin who lost everything.
On our trip to FL I was also able to go to two fabric stores and an antique store. As you might have noticed my blog name is JMock Designs. I am in the process of starting my own business. I do custom sewing for example T-Shirt quilts, memory quilts, Photo to fabric, bags and machine embroidery. I have been known to take my sewing machine with me on trips. This trip I was working on a T-Shirt quilt.

Layout in process...

All that is needed is the border.

While on this trip we also did a little geocaching. if you would like to see what geocaching is all about check out their website. Geocaching takes you to places you might not have thought to go before. You might have lived in a town for years and never have known some of these places existed. On this trip we are trying to get a travel bug to Destin before it's owner arrived there. I will not be able to tell you exactly where these photos were taken because that would take the fun out of geocaching.

Always looking at the GPS

It is suggested you bring a little first aide kit just in case the plants win. Sometimes you have to go into thorns.....
Lunch does not even stop us from taking on a GEO.....
The geocaching website really should place a warning on their site...can be addictive.
It is now time for me to catch up on laundry and such from being gone.

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Carmen said...

Welcome to Blogging!

OH, you paid me back by putting me on your blog! (giggle)

We enjoyed our time with you and hope to see you soon. We will be heading your direction next week so give us a call if you have a light schedule.

When you do a mass craft pic of your projects I will link to you.